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Case Studies and Our Analysis

Ural Cycles of St. Petersburg

Brand Formation - Case Study - Ural Cycles of St. Pete

Ural Motorcycles of St. Petersburg is a full-service Ural motorcycle dealership. This was a great project for Brand Formation because their business hinges on their ability to sell units. They needed a way to define their brand in their marketplace with a full branding package including a logo, website and collateral materials. We knew that to be competitive, their website needed to generate leads, engage their customers and set themselves apart from the competition. Their solution was found in Brand Formation.

  • A fully integrated CSS-driven design that renders positive search engine optimization.
  • A custom home page slideshow, dynamic-effect menu system with an eye-catching clean design.
  • Motorcycle sales lead generation forms including test ride, trade-in value and quotes.
  • Additional forms to generate leads including service requests and parts requests.
  • Integrated YouTube playlist and custom YouTube channel.

Cool Jewel Designs

Brand Formation - Case Study - Cool Jewel Designs

Unhappy with the open html offerings that of ZenCart and NopCommerce, Cool Jewel Designs was looking for a personalized eCommerce solution that reflected their image. Brand Formation teamed up with BreeSoft to deliver an eCommerce solution that woudl fit CJD's needs. Brand Formation created the website's overall foundation, color scheme and imagery. BreeSoft programmed the database and back-end that would load the products.

  • A fully integrated CSS-driven design that renders positive search engine optimization.
  • A robust database driven back-end that administers user-updated product names, codes, images, descriptions and price.
  • A custom look and artistic design that compliments CJD's unique, wearable art.

Seabreeze Services

Brand Formation - Case Study - Seabreeze Services

Seabreeze Services had just changed ownership. With stagnant sales and a few corporate accounts, the businesses needed to be rejuvenated. Owner Michael approached Brand Formation to revamp their website. What they ended up with was a complete branding package including a new logo, corporate collateral, business cards and a website creating a consistent brand image. Their custom work order form is fully php driven given Seabreeze Services a fully-automated tool for their clients to place orders.

  • A fully integrated CSS-driven design that renders positive search engine optimization.
  • A dynamic portfolio slideshow that compliments the overall website theme.
  • A custom work order form that converts the inputed data into an online printable work order form that saves processing time.

PODS® Affiliate - Columbus Move and Store

Brand Formation - Case Study - PODS Columbus Move and Store

PODS of Columbus, OH hosts a website to compliment the lead generation tactics of the PODS corporate site. Their old platform relied heavily on out-dated web development methods inhibiting optimal search engine optimization. PODS of Columbus came to Brand Formation to create an SEO-friendly site that generates more leads and provides a user-friendly experience. With social media integration, clean xhtml markup and a robuts FAQ page, PODS of Columbus has been able to outperform their competition.

  • A fully integrated CSS-driven design that renders positive search engine optimization.
  • Social media integration of FaceBook and Twitter.
  • A simple eNewsletter-sign up form conveniently displayed on a fixed footer.
  • A custom Google Map featuring the coverage zone of over 100 cities.
  • A robust FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section bolstering search engine results.

BreeSoft, LLC

Brand Formation - Case Study - BreeSoft

BreeSoft LLC is an IT company located in Florida. Looking to get a more visually stimulating website and a fresher look, they enlisted the services of Brand Formation. Brand Formation developed BreeSoft's logo, collateral materials and overall design of their website. Because of BreeSoft's technical web design expertise, they implemented the design theme themselves and added some great PHP call scripts.

  • A fully integrated CSS-drive design that renders positive search engine optimization.
  • A fresh new look, including a rastered logo.
  • New corporate materials and design ads that enhance the company's image.

A Tractor Works

Brand Formation - Case Study - A Tractor Works

A Tractor Works was very weary of web design companies having had a bad prior experience. With much deliberation, Brand Formation offered a sensible, more less-expensive design so they can experience the results without having a large up-front investment. A Tractor Works has since been very pleased with the 24/7 lead capabilities and the online catalog of products including product images and descriptions.

  • A sensible, cost-effective design solution that promote simplistic usability.
  • An online product catalog that includes product images and descriptions as well a custom PHP online product request form.
  • FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and Tips and Tricks pages to promote search engine optimization.

International Beer Garten

Brand Formation - Case Study - International Beer Garten

International Beer Garten came to Brand Formation for a starter site. They had just opened their doors in 2008 and wanted to establish their online foot print. It was agreed that the best solution was a sensible, website that provided basic consumer information about the establishment. Since the sites inception, IBG has been very pleased with the results. IBG also enlisted Brand Formation for email marketing, print design, logo design and web maintenance.

  • A sensible, cost-effective design solution that promote simplistic usability.
  • An integrated Google Calendar displaying current events and promotions.
  • Integrated Constant Contact email marketing sign-up form.
  • Downloadable food and beer menus.

St. Pete Auto Glass

Brand Formation - Case Study - St. Pete Auto Glass

St. Pete Auto Glass needed a simple solution. They wanted a solution that fit their simple needs. They knew they wanted online generation and a way to provide necessary information about their services to their customers. And that is precisely what they got. A testament to Brand Formation's philosophy of fulfilling the clients needs. Since then, they've enlisted Brand Formation for business cards, brochures, posters and invoices.

  • A sensible, cost-effective design solution that promote simplistic usability.
  • A custom lead generation form providing real-time leads 24 hours a day 7 days week.
  • A custom invoice processing form that is fully synchronized with Pay Pal accounting system.

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