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At Our Core : Relationship Building

Brand Formation - Relationship Building

We are in the business of establishing and maintaining long-term relationships with our clients. Just as you do with your customers. We would like you to think that the Brand Formation team is an extension of you and your team. We must first understand your wants and needs, your customers and your industry before we can even start a project. This approach to project planning allows us to create a mutually beneficial solution while fostering a long-term relationship.

We create long-term relationships by using this six step approach:

Step 1 : Need Analysis

This is a highly critical component of our process. Without clear, established goals and objectives, success cannot be quantified. We begin this stage by first meeting with your team and analyzing your goals and objectives. We must determine what it is you want and explore the possibility of additional objectives. We discuss and share our portfolio of projects to ignite ideas and spark imagination. Once the requirements of your project have been established, we can move onto the next phase.

Step 2 : The Proposed Solution

We take all the information from step 1 and work out different solutions that fit your needs. Additional follow up is required to pin-point where your needs will fit within your budget and timeline goals. We will compose a proposal with varying options based on your needs and what we think best suites your project. A majority of what is required is covered in this step. Brand Formation understands that companies must be early adapters to stay ahead of the game. That is why we take into consideration ideas beyond this stage.

Step 3 : Project Determination

This is where we tie up any loose ends. The Brand Formation team wants to ensure that all your project needs and strategic goals are met. Further presentation and evaluation to additional stake-holders as needed. Once the proposal is passed, timelines, budgetary guidelines and task management objectives are established. Brand Formation knows that it is imperative to keep in mind your company's and project's unique requirements.

Step 4 : Project Management

This is where the build out of your project is done. Effective communication is critical between the client and Brand Formation during this step. We want to ensure that the client is aware of our progress. This component is mutually beneficial because oftentimes, clients will have additional ideas to provide throughout the project's progression. Much of this step is an internal assessment of how to best satisfy the client's needs and meet their strategic goals. The critical components of your project are brought from idea to solution during this phase of development.

Step 5 : Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is a core belief at Brand Formation. We want to ensure that you get a quality product. We want every client to happily recommend us to their friends and business partners. This is done before and after your project's launch. Although we strive to provide 100% satisfaction before the product launch, we understand that in business, many decisions are time-sensitive. We provide continual support after product launch to ensure that your strategic goals have been met.

Step 6 : Project Maintenance and Support

Brand Formation continues to provide service and support after your project has ended. We are not in the business of cutting relations after the project's completion. We want to build and maintain long-term relationships. We understand that to be an effective player in your market, many projects require additional maintenance and make-overs. From marketing collateral design to websites and email marketing to search engine optimization, we built our business on continually serving our clients' needs.

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Brand Formation, LLC is a full service branding firm located in St. Petersburg, FL experienced in marketing and branding services. We offer tailored packages that meet our clients' needs. From full service branding consisting of web development, search engine optimization, brand collateral creation, email marketing and lead generation to freelance graphic design services. Our unique, 360 degree branding approach takes your business from beginning to end with agency support every step of the way. The Brand Formation team believes that web solutions are designed to deliver results. Not only will web designs and email marketing compaigns be developed with style, but designed with lead generation and sales in mind. Brand Formation creates a core solution that takes into consideration your marketing goals, budget and branding approach. Our ultimate goal is to create an on-going business relationship. Please take advantage or our free consulting offer and enlist our expertise in your marketing and branding efforts.


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