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Lead Generation is Key

Brand Formation - Lead Generation

Your website should be generating leads 24/7. This is one of the most useful ways to measure whether your site is proliferating results. One of the most effective ways of achieving this is to include a custom form that can give your customers the opportunity to connect with you.

In general, you have around seven seconds to gain and hold the attention of a potential customer visiting your website. If you break through this threshold, then you know you have captured their interest. So what do you do from there? How would you even know that this potential customer exists? How do you know that they are interested in your product and/or service? How can you communicate your expertise? How can you engage them further?

The answer is a lead generation form

Whether it is a simple information request form or a fully-functional online quote form, a custom lead generation form gives you the perfect opportunity to fulfill their needs. These forms simply generate the field information and send it to your email. A quick response to this inquiry shows the customer that you are responsive. The best part is, you are able to log leads 24 hours a day.

Research shows that a majority of shopping and internet surfing is done in the evening time. Imagine you are shopping around for a car after work. Like most savvy consumers, you check out the inventory of various dealerships in your area. After deciding on a particular make and model, you want to know who will give you the best deal. You will be requesting quotes. Research shows that the first person to respond and engage the customer has 3 times the chance of closing the deal. It just goes to show you that in today's market, it is critical to engage and respond to customers in the most timely fashion.

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