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Brand Formation - Reporting

Why is campaign management and web reporting and analysis so important? Without proper data capture and analysis, your online marketing campaigns are a waste of precious resources, time and money. With proper management, you can measure the success of your campaigns and determine where your marketing dollars are best spent. Whether you measure your success by ROI, increased traffic, new unique visitors or competitive territory acquisition, you will need proper web reporting/analysis to realize your goals.

With proper analysis of your website traffic you could:

It's Not Just the Numbers But the Behavior

It is actually more fun than you think. It's not pouring over numbers. That is what they call data puke. It is determining your customer's online habits and behavior and creating actionable programs to capture their attention and influence their decision making. Having a working knowledge of marketing and the industry is a plus. Our process involves research and brainstorming applied to marketing metrics to paint you a picture of your online marketing goals and customer analysis.

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Brand Formation, LLC is a full service branding firm located in St. Petersburg, FL experienced in marketing and branding services. We offer tailored packages that meet our clients' needs. From full service branding consisting of web development, search engine optimization, brand collateral creation, email marketing and lead generation to freelance graphic design services. Our unique, 360 degree branding approach takes your business from beginning to end with agency support every step of the way. The Brand Formation team believes that web solutions are designed to deliver results. Not only will web designs and email marketing compaigns be developed with style, but designed with lead generation and sales in mind. Brand Formation creates a core solution that takes into consideration your marketing goals, budget and branding approach. Our ultimate goal is to create an on-going business relationship. Please take advantage or our free consulting offer and enlist our expertise in your marketing and branding efforts.


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